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Hi Everyone,

This years on the farm workshop as part of the Ontario Finger Lakes Beekeepers Association will be on 5/12/18 from 3pm to 5pm. We will do Smoker Lighting Practice and Installing a Nuc into a hive and or work a hive, weather allowing.

Admission is Free for this event. You must RSVP by filling out the registration below. If you dont RSVP and we need to cancell we can't get ahold of you.

Bring your smoker, smoker fuel & lighters with you to practice lighting your smokers. We will try to have a hive we will be able to go thru and also we may have a nuc to install into a hive. So bring your bee suits & jackets with you for the nuc install(weather and bees depending) and general hive bee-ginner tips. You will NOT need hive tools for this workshop.

Date & Time are:

May 12th - 3pm to 5pm

Directions - Please dress and plan accordingly, dirt and mud are possible.

Farm address is 868 Newell Rd, Middlesex, NY 14507. Its a big red barn on the corner of Newell Road and South Vine Valley Rd. Click here for map and directions.

Hope to see you there!


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