Ontario Finger Lakes Beekeepers Association

Helping the Honey Bee thru education of beekeeper and the public.

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Meet the Officers of Ontario Finger Lakes Beekeepers Association

We are always looking for officers, please email or see one of the officers who will get you in touch with the nominations committee.

2015/2017 Current Officers

Ben Carpenter

Vice President
Brian Kelly

2nd Vice President
Mark Cohen

Kimberley Ess

Kimberly Carpenter

Past Officers:

Patrick Freivald - President - 2013/2014
Paul Busch - President - 2011/2012
Bob Ashmead - President - 2009/2010
Peter Semmel - President - 2006/2008

Natalie Towne - 1st VP - 2015/2016
Ben Carpenter - 1st VP - 2013/2014
Patrick Freivald - 1st VP - 2011/2012

Vince McNally - Treasurer - 2006/2010
Steven Schwartz - Treasurer - 2010/2014

Natalie Towne - Secretary - 2013/2014

Founding Members

Sam Hall
Vince McNally
George Lyke
Joel Steele
Roger Brahm


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