Here we will list good information on Honey Bees and keeping them. This Page will be a work in progress, we will be actively adding to it as we can. If you are a member and think something would be good up here, please email us with your suggestion.

Cornell’s Dyce Lab Resources  

Here is the link for Dyce Lab Resources

Checking for mites

Here is a nice PDF on how to check your mite load in your hives.
Here is a video on how to check your mite load.
Here is a link to Randy's site where he has good info on mites and their population curve.

Here is step by step Varroa Control from Dyce Labs - showing what to use in each season.
Here is a info document all about Varroa and their life cycle.

Sending samples info Bee Lab

How to send samples into the Beltsville bee lab