Ontario Finger Lakes Beekeepers’ Association

Constitution and Bylaws
Last amended and ratified on 10/13/14


The name of the organization is the Ontario Finger Lakes Beekeepers’ Association, henceforth called "the Association" in this document.


The objectives and purposes of the Association are to:

1.     Educate beekeepers about current trends in all aspects of beekeeping.

2.     Educate the public to the use of bees for pollination of crops, and for their byproducts (honey, wax and pollen).

3.     Maintain awareness of all state and national laws related to beekeeping, production and marketing of honey and wax.

4.     Aid in the development of programs for young people desiring to become beekeepers.

5.     Present education programs in schools and for the general public.

6.     Serve as a resource in the community for addressing problems and concerns about honeybees, and how honeybees differ from other stinging insects.

7.     Foster interactions with the agricultural community and other beekeeping organizations.


Membership in the organization shall be of two kinds: (1) active and (2) honorary.

Section A – Active Membership

1.     Any person age 18+ who is current on their annual dues to the Association.

2.     The active member shall be considered in good standing when their annual dues are paid, effective through December 31st of the year in which the dues are valid.

3.     Active members in good standing are eligible to vote in Association meetings.One membership may cast one vote.

4.     If in the opinion of the Executive Board a person should be denied membership, or should have their membership revoked, revocation of good standing can be made only upon the unanimous vote of the Executive Board and a 2/3vote of the general membership. Within one month of membership denial or revocation, any dues paid by that member for that calendar year will be refunded.

Section B – Honorary Membership

Shall be anyone who has rendered outstanding service to furthering beekeeping. Honorary membership will be for life and will retain voting rights for the life of their membership.

Nominations for honorary membership should be given to any member of the Executive Board, who will bring it to a majority vote at the next board meeting. If passed, it will be submitted to a general membership vote at the following regular meeting.Honorary members are elected by majority vote.


Section A – Officers

The elected officers of the Association shall be President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section B – Duties

Executive Board:The Executive Board shall include all Officers. It shall be the duty of this board to advise and make recommendations to the Association with respect to the conduct of the activities and the purpose of the Association. The Executive Board can act upon matters of immediate concern and are obligated to present their actions at the next Association meeting.


·         Preside at Association and Executive Board meetings.

·         Call special meetings as needed.

·         Confer with Secretary about meeting notices and other correspondence.

·         Confer with the program chairperson (1st or 2nd Vice President, or other appointee) about meeting notices and the program at the meeting.

·         Appoint committees in cooperation with the officer responsible for certain committees, and may serve ex officio on these committees.

·         Represent the Association at state and national meetings or designate someone to act on his/her behalf.

·         Appoint a nominating committee to present a slate at the September meeting of the even year.

1st Vice President:

·         Care for the welfare of the Association under the direction of the President.

·         Assume the duties of President in his/her absence.

·         Arrange for a program at each Association meeting. Make all contacts with speakers or designate someone else to do so.

·         Encouraged to become President upon the vacancy of the office of President.

·         Coordinate with club-related activities such as the Beginners' and Advanced classes.

2nd Vice President:

·         Assume the duties of the President when he/she and the 1st Vice President are absent.

·         Fulfill tasks that overflow from the President and 1st Vice President, as needed.

·         Encouraged to become 1st Vice President upon the vacancy of the office of 1st Vice President.


·         Send meeting notices to members, potential members, and the press.

·         Maintain a current membership and mailing list.

·         Record minutes at all meetings to produce upon request of any active member or member of the Executive Board.

·         Write correspondence on behalf of the Association.

·         Confer with the President and the program chairperson to obtain information for the meeting notices.

·         Maintain the club borrowing library, and a list of club property and the location of that property.


·         Manage all funds of the Association, with funds placed in a checking account.

·         Keep accurate and detailed financial records for the fiscal year (calendar year).

·         Present a treasurer’s report quarterly, stating all income and expenditures for the period, and a balance. Furnish paper or electronic copies of the report for the officers.

·         Pay all bills as directed by the President and/or the Executive Board.

·         Cooperate with the webmaster when sending notices of payment for classes and for the annual nuc order.

·         Arrange and pay for a meeting place, if necessary.

Section C – Nominations

The nominating committee, consisting of at least three members appointed by the President, shall present a slate of candidates at the September meeting of the even year. Said candidates must be members in good standing for at least six months.

Section D – Election of Officers

Election of officers shall be by a majority vote of the membership present at the November meeting of the even year, following the report of the nominating committee at the previous September meeting.

For an easier transition from one slate of officers to the next, there will be held a joint meeting of outgoing and newly elected officers in December of the even year. Newly elected officers will take office at the January meeting of the odd year.

Section E – Term of Office

The newly elected officers shall hold their respective offices for a two (2) year term. It is generally expected that after each two year term, the President will step down, the 1st Vice President will become President, and the 2nd Vice President will become first Vice President. However, this provision may be countermanded by a majority vote at the November election, wherein any member in good standing can be elected or reelected to their same position, a different position, or a vacated position.

Section F – Impeachment

If a majority vote of the Executive Board recommends impeachment of an Association Officer, the general membership must be notified at the next Association meeting and through any/all regular club communications (e-mail newsletter). At the following meeting, a 2/3 vote of the general membership shall result in removal of that officer from their position.

Section G – Vacancy

If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the 1st Vice President will become President. If a vacancy occurs in the office of 1st Vice President, the 2nd Vice President will become 1st Vice President. If a vacancy occurs in any other office, the Executive Board shall present a replacement for majority vote at the next Association meeting. In all cases, the newly-elected officer will fulfill the remainder of the vacant term.


Section A – Association Meetings

Regular Association meetings shall be held the 2ndtMonday of every month.Typically, the March meeting shall instead be in cooperation with the Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club, and the August meeting shall be replaced with the annual picnic on the second Saturday in August (unless another date is chosen by the Executive Board).Members in good standing shall be notified by e-mail or website of the time, location and substance, five or more days prior to the meeting.

Section B – Executive Board Meetings

The meetings of the Executive Board shall be held quarterly at such a place and time as may be prescribed by the Board.Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called at any time by the President.Notice of the meetings shall be given to each member of the Board or Association as needed. 


Section A

The fiscal year of the Association shall be the calendar year.

Section B

Books and records of the organization may be inspected by any member or members at any reasonable time.Arrangements for such inspections will be made with the Executive Board.


Section A

Association dues are set by the Executive Board, as approved by a majority membership vote each November, and are collected for the membership year beginning January 1 and ending December 31. New members joining between September 1 and December 31 will have their dues applied to the following year. In addition to annual dues, members are encouraged to donate items to the annual picnic auction, or to auction at regular meetings.


Association pays a Speakers Fee as negotiated by the Association President or his/her delegated representative.Incidentals such as meals, travel expenses, and the like can be added.

Speakers from the Association may or may not be paid a fee at the discretion of the President; the amount of this fee will be negotiated as necessary.


Proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws may be submitted in writing to the Executive Board.All proposed amendments to the constitution and bylaws shall be presented at a regular Association meeting, given a second read at the next regular Association meeting, followed immediately by a vote requiring approval of 2/3 vote of the general membership.


This Association can be dissolved and discontinued upon a 2/3 vote of the membership, with at least 75% of the active membership casting a vote or actively abstaining from the vote.

If at any point the Association is dissolved, all assets will be sold in a public action, and all club monies will be donated to a beekeeping-related nonprofit organization as chosen by the Executive Board.